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Bitcoin’s [BTC] 70% downfall makes nearly 800 cryptocurrencies obsolete
July 2, 2018 0 30
Bitcoin [BTC] holding the top most position in the list of cryptocurrencies is currently experiencing a large declination in cost. With its failure, various other digital currencies are primarily experiencing ...
Bitcoin [BTC], IOTA [MIOTA], Stellar Lumens [XLM]- worth $5 million seized
July 1, 2018 0 36
The Spanish Guardia Civil and also the Austrian Federal Police, supported by Europol, performed one of the largest drug raids in the continent’s background, seizing cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin [BTC], OUNCE ...
Bitcoin [BTC] price hits its lowest since November; Ethereum [ETH], Ripple [XRP] and others also see downfall
June 29, 2018 0 45
Bitcoin [BTC] price valuation again experiences held up on Friday as its rate fell to the lowest factor ever since November, 2017. This leads to a gradual decreasing interest amongst ...
Bitcoin [BTC] is preferred to real estate for investments by 21% UK Millenials
June 28, 2018 0 35
Bitcoin [BTC] in the existing changing scenario of the crypto market would normally appear risky for the investors. However, a various sight is recorded among the UK millenials who choose ...
Bitcoins [BTC] confiscated from darkweb market by the U.S. government
June 27, 2018 0 28
Bitcoins [BTC] have recently been taken wholesale amount by the UNITED STATE governmental officials in an effort to limit darkweb market. During the strike, UNITED STATE federal government took from ...
Why We Love Bitcoin (And You Should, Too!)
June 27, 2018 0 69
The crazy like buzz of bitcoins worldwide of digital currency prevails everywhere. The appeal is especially observed amongst young traders, business owners as well as tech-savvy people. Flexibility from restrictions ...
Bitcoin [BTC] wallet Zap, the Lightning Network wallet gets new features
June 18, 2018 0 38
Bitcoin [BTC] wallet Zap, by creating on top of the Lightning Network aims to improve Bitcoin‘s scalability concern. Zap’s owner Jack Mallers tweeted that a few renovations have been made on the ...
Bitcoin(BTC) Not a Security Says SEC Chairman Jay Clayton
June 7, 2018 0 91
Bitcoin (BTC) is not a safety taking into consideration that it functions as a substitute for sovereign financing. Jay Clayton, the chairman individuals Products along with Exchange Arrangement, defined the ...
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