NEM (XEM) powered Copyright Bank is now live

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June 20, 2018 by
NEM (XEM) powered Copyright Bank is now live

NEM (XEM) has been on top of their game when it comes to getting people to adopt their platform. NEM’s innovative consensus system ensures that transactions are faster, cheaper, more efficient and is 100% transparent.

NEM Partnerships
The list of projects being built on it  is quite huge. This Blockchain has proven its worth in the Blockchain industry time and again.

In recent news, the Blockchain company retweeted the news of the NEM-based Copyright Bank being officially launched. Copyright Bank is the Blockchain-powered Copyright Registration and Verification platform for your digital works. The team at Copyright Bank aims to turn your copyright work into a Blockchain-powered, dynamic smart asset. The website currently has the Beta version of Copyright Bank.
The project will b e a case study which will be used to further market the characteristics of the this Blockchain. The platform will accept both XEM tokens as well as fiat currency, but all backend transactions will be via XEM.

Promotional Discount
The Blockchain platform has included a discount coupon as part of the official launch announcement. The project’s success will give the NEM Blockchain more visibility as a Blockchain of intelligent assets.

The bearish market has taken a toll on all cryptocurrencies, NEM more so because it dropped from the top 15. It won’t be long before this digital currency jumps back on the wagon.

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